Bob Ridge, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan
Cell Biology
Cell Dynamics
Plant Development
Foundation Biology
Life Science


This is historical as I no longer teach full time (as of 31st March 2016)
UPDATES 2018 :

New teaching website at
I will be teaching Cell Biology (Spring 2018) at Kyorin University Medical School


UPDATE 2019 :

I will be teaching Introduction to Biology (Spring 2019) and Foundation Biology (Winter 2019) at ICU


We have a three-term (trimester) system. The official teaching load is 18 credits (units) per year. In Science most of our courses are 2 credits, which is 2 lecture periods per week per ten week term. A laboratory class is one afternoon (4 periods) per week. Laboratory classes are credited 4 teaching points (= 4 credits). On average, a Faculty member of the Biology Department (to be Life Science Department from April 2008) would teach in a year as follows: Contribute to one 3-credit General Education course (usually we team-teach, 5-6 lectures each); contribute to the 2-credit Foundation in Biology course (team-teach, 4-5 lectures each); One Basic Concepts 2-credit course; one or two 2-credit Advanced courses; one-three 4-credit laboratory courses; 1 Advanced Seminar; 2 Advanced Studies (these are credits for Senior Seminars held outside the timetable); one 2-credit Graduate School course every 2nd year. Once every five years or so, contributions to other courses (such as SIS and GS SIS) are expected, though this is not a heavy load.
On average we spend about 8-12 hours per week on teaching and related duties such as grading. Although this leaves enough time for research, the bare facts are that administration and other duties take up much time especially when in a Chair or Head position. This is all a heavy load, so we have a sabbatical system whereby after six years service, one year can be taken as research leave on full pay and benefits. It is also possible to take a two-term break after 4 years service.