A Practical Guide to Working as a Scientist in Japan

Freely available as a contribution to international exchange.

Robert W. Ridge

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Copyright Ridge, R.W. 1992

ISBN 0 646 14522 3

	Assoc. Prof.  Robert W. Ridge
	Department of Biology
	Division of Natural Sciences
	International Christian University
	10-2, Osawa 3-chome
	Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181, Japan

Network Publication: Ridge's Mac at ICU, Japan (from August 1994)

Printed version (softcover, 83 pp) available from the author. Free-of-charge to university academics and students, and posted to anywhere in the world. Others please enquire. SORRY, BOOKS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, I NOW NEED SPONSORS TO HELP ME PRINT THE SECOND EDITION - PLEASE!.

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